About Us.

Berline is the founder and CEO of Berline’s Edition. (Photo by Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berline’s Edition)

Berlines Edition is an Online Magazine giving you everyday news and stories that feature God and his word. The edition discusses around the table topics online. Remember the days when we used to sit around the table and discuss different topics, and world issues. Were using the same concept but this is the online version. We highlight new topics every month focusing on one cause, topic, or issue. Its like fashion, our topics and issues changes with every season. This is not your traditional online magazine.


For Example

This website will be developing new trends, traveling,  promoting world changers, new businesses, revealing stories of dreamers and successful individuals, raising awareness of things going on around the world that we can help pray for or more, health, beauty, and a special feature on “finding the definitions of her worth.” There will be many exclusive interviews, and panel discussions. These stories will express and show how God works in mysterious ways. The website will try to answer the true identity of Christianity. Hosting many inspirational and motivation.



Christ centered

You will be able to see how God fits into everything.

Integrating Christ and the Bible in Every Story

To make a difference in a society where people have lost hope and faith.

Preserve History, Morals, and Values.


Feature a new charity every month.


“Let us not be afraid to talk so that we do not offend anyone and let us preserve good conversation.”- Berline Jean-Baptiste

Bible Verses

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding

Psalm 139

We were fearfully and wonderfully made and God knew us before we were in our

mother womb

Joshua 1:9


I love God enough to ….???

Don’t put God in a box


To learn more click on this link All about me . It gives you little more background and purpose. And gives you incite on Berline the creator.







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