Orlando Harley-Davidson putting different Harley's on display for there customers. Photo by: Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berline's Editon)

What happens in Orlando during Daytona Bike Week?

Orlando Harley-Davidson is excited about Daytona’s Bike Week 2016. It is their 75th year Anniversary.


Photograph by: Berlines Edition Cheryl Zelenak Marketing Director
Cheryl Zelenak Marketing Director for Orlando Harley-Davidson sits in front of one of their custom made motorcycles. She displays the different features while explaining Harley-Davidson version of their Bike Week. (Photo by: Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berlines Edition)

Cheryl Zelenak the Marketing Director for Harley-Davidson since 2001 gives a quick break down of her experiences along with the vision and expectations of the company. The company noticed that a lot of people were coming in from all over the world and country to visit Daytona Bike week.” The different bikers and families would also extend their vacation to visit the parks. Motor Harley-Davidson Cycles looks forward to Daytona Bike Week every year.

Photograph by: Berline Jean-Baptiste Hundreds of Bikes
2016 Daytona Bike Week Orlando Harley-Davidson features their different Harley as a display for their Customers. (Photo by: Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berlines Edition)

The traffic that this event brings also overflows into Orlando. Orlando is the number one destination to fly into.“The company saw this as a huge opportunity to create their own Bike Week event.” Every year the company comes up with an event and this year the company decided on a Pirate Event. Harley- Davidson uses  many vendors  to make this event a success. This year for the pirate theme they had face painters,Pirates Dinner Adventure, stunt shows on bikes, and rum sampling.

Photograph by:Berline Jean-Baptiste Orlando Pirates Dinner Show
Photograph by:Berline Jean-Baptiste
Orlando Pirates Dinner Show was one of the vendors at Orlando Harley-Davidson event for 2016 Daytona Bike-Week. (Photo by: Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berlines Edition)

“People stay and listen to live bands all day long. Bikers are the modern day pirates.1000 of people are coming on a daily basis. They love it.” – Cheryl Zelenak

2016 Daytona Bike Week. A display of a Pirate in front Orlando Harley-Davidson during their Bike Week Event. (Photo by: Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berlines Edition)

Harley Davidson is a full service dealership. During Bike week people can rent bikes to go to Daytona, get service for their bikes, or they can even buy a bike.

Photograph by :Berline Jean-Baptiste More vendors
2016 Daytona Bike Week. Orlando Harley-Davidson Displays their different Clothes, and products for sale during their Bike Week event. (Photograph by :Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berlines Edition)

During this major event veterans get free bike lessons. This event is not all about making revenue but also giving back and making sure the vistors enjoy their time.

Photograph by:Berline Jean-Baptiste Riding Lessons
2016 Daytona Bike Week. Veteran During Orlando Harley-Davidson Bike Week about to ride one of the models. (Photograph by:Berline Jean-Baptiste/ Berlines Edition)
Riding Lessons

 The event is absolutely free. This is a Family-friendly event where the Bikers can enjoy  their love ones. There is nothing bigger than Daytona’s Bike Week! So make sure you visit Orlando Harley-Davidson during Daytona Bike Week next year.

This event is just good clean fun to get into. -Dont Put God in a box

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