Central Florida Employment Council Host its Annual Mayors Job Fair

On May 18, 2016, the Orlando Mayors Job fair was at the same venue for yet another year. This event is put together by the Central Florida Employment Council with the assistance of Christian help every year.


Although unemployment has decreased from a 5.1% to a 4.1% there is still over fifty-three thousand citizens without jobs in central Florida. CFEC host about five to six job fairs each year and this one, in particular, is sponsored by the mayor of Orlando each year. This job fair is different, though. In order to keep decreasing those numbers in unemployment in Central, Florida CFEC keeps these job fairs going. The job fair not only provides various employers but it also educates the job seekers in order to be the best candidate for the job. This empowers the potential job seekers for any future interviews. They provide workshops on how to interview, resume critique centers, and even laptops to look up companies and apply for them on the site.


Danny Kiernan is the VP of Operations is hands on every year as he has been volunteering with the job fair for the last 15 years. He says that job seekers come from all over the world looking for jobs.

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