Deputy Aquilino Serrata goes through the streets of Santo Domingo.

The people of 27 de Febrero in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic got a special visit from the political candidate Aquilino Serrata. The candidate is currently the deputy of the city. He greeted the people of Santo Domingo with a huge smile while hugging and shaking hands with everyone. The citizens of Santo Domingo welcomed the candidate with open arms.

A woman shouts from her rooftop “Deputy Serrata were happy to see you.”

The streets were full of noise, music, and people. Deputy Serrata did not come alone but with an entourage of folks carrying banners, signs, and wearing shirts promoting his campaign. The candidate also had security, cameras and a load of cars with his face, name, and campaign on it. The streets were busy.


The Candidate was not afraid to walk the streets with the people and get his hands dirty. Everyone did not seem to mind the disruption in the middle of the day. The campaign was happening right in the middle of the time school let out. There were children all over the streets in their uniforms.


Polls are already suggesting that the candidate will win the race with over 60% of the votes. The candidate is also doing a lot with his campaign for instance already giving out over

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