A Turn of Events in Santo Domingo Horse Race 2016

On Saturday- April 16,2016 Hipodromo V Centenario horse track was hosting yet another horse race. This Saturday afternoon the fans were full of drink in their systems and money to spend. Most of the fans seem to be betting for horse # 3 Hipodromo. The people of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic came in all shapes and sizes.

A man in the stands says “This is going to be an exciting race, I just put 3200 pesos on horse # 3. “


This Saturday, the horses ran over 4 races and it seemed that it was between horse #3, 4, and 1. Before each race, the horses had to go through a lot of exercises and warm ups. The horses also seemed to hesitate some of the time so the trainers would force them to race, or to be put into the barrels. Horse # 4, Estipendo ended up being the horse that led the way last Saturday. The crowds seem to be shocked by what was going on.


At the end of the race, only a few earned a winning and the rest went home just enjoying their time on the tracks with their families. The people came from miles away to the city just to go to the race. The fans on that Saturday did not fill the stands.

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