Winter Park Historical Museum Features The War Years: 1941-1945 as its newest exhibit

“I felt like I stepped right into the war years,” says one of the guest who attended the Grand Opening .

2016 was out the window as soon as the guest around town stepped into the Winter Park Historical Museum . The exhibit displayed many things from World War II. The walls of the museum were covered with Articles explaining the history of Tuskegee Airmen, the women working during World War II, and much more. The ceilings were full of jets, and planes that were flown by the Tuskegee Airmen. The museum was full of tour guides and they did not hesitate to explain the decoure and items in the room.  The tour guides explained that the room was parly a re-invention of the living room, children’s room, and kitchen during 1941-1945.

The night was a success. The Museum was full of people from all different ages enjoying the History. The best part of the night was the entertainment from the Orlando Concert Band. The live music from the band brought out swing dancers from all over. Some of the guests were dressed in 1940s Costumes. The night was definitely an honor to those who had fought the war and were affected by it.

The Grand Opening of the War Years: 1941-1945 honored the service men and woman from winter park, Fla. The night was powerful and full of history for the folks of Winter park. This addition to the town was not for a day but can be viewed throughout the week.

Live Music from the Orlando Concert Band keeps the guest on their feet swing dancing throughout the evening. This night transformed into something back in the war years.


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