30 days in the Dominican Republic

By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination.– Christopher Columbus

Can you imagine perfect weather, clear blue waters, and merengue till the sun comes up in the morning in a country that never sleeps?

Boathouse in Boca Chica Beach

Yes! The Dominican Republic !!!!!

Boca Chica Beach

In March of 2016, I made a  decision to pack up all my bags and leave the country. I was so angry and frustrated with life. I could barely feel myself breathing and I just wanted to risk it all. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. And this FAITH I been hearing about. I grew to resent it.

Berline in Santo Domingo, DR
Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, DR

How many of you ever had so much faith and belief only to find the rug pulled up under you?

Leaving you in anger, despair, and disappointment. Even embarrassed and ashamed only to be left with guilt for trusting.

How do you bounce back from a tragic loss?

Well, to tell you the truth I don’t know. I am still on the journey of finding out.

What I do know is that instead of facing my issues. I chose to run >1000 miles into an island full of its own struggles on the Atlantic ocean.

 And honestly! Although me and Gods relationship was a little rocky. He was my only rock in those moments. Thank God! God doesn’t treat people like people would.

If you know what I mean.

Despite the troubles, the people may have faced they still seemed to smile. How could this be?

Berline in Santo Domingo, DR
Berline at the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, DR

The people were kind, full of life, adventure, passion, and it didn’t take much to see a smile.

So I started to live without thinking, go without limits. No longer would I stick to this box of fear that had covered me. This shadow of darkness that choked me.

It was time!

I had just entered the door to a divergent life and I wasn’t looking back.

Places You must Visit + Travel Hacks  


1. Bavaro Beach  

Bavaro beach was just what the doctor ordered. Fresh clear blue waters, surfer waves, and wonderful people.  It was truly an unexpected experience. I was living in Santo Domingo which is a couple hour’s from Bavaro Beach. So we found a bus that takes you there and back for 10 dollars both ways.


Driving the speed boat at Bavaro beach

2. Speed Boats/ Snorkeling/ Natural Pool 

When we got to the beach there was so much to do. So many vendors selling souvenirs, and packaged excursions. If you are ever in Bavaro beach in Punta Cana visit Paco. He gave us 50% off and we were able to participate in the excursion. We took a speed boat to go snorkeling than we went to the natural pool. You can also swim with the sharks but we skipped that park. My cousin was scared.




Sandy Bavaro Beach

3. Boca Chica 

Boca Chica is a beach located in the capital of Dominican Republic. This beach is always full of fun, music, banana boat rides, and this excellent Italian restaurant I would recommend to anyone.  They serve every meal with the best tasting rice I have ever had and bread.


Me and my cousin at the cabana at Boca Chica Beach

4.Playa de Guibia

 If you like to dance, exercise, eat ice cream all at the park go to Playa de Guibia . We went to Zumba where there was free equipment outside. A great hang out and lounge area by the beach.  It definitely gets lively at night. It’s also a great place for romance with a movie theater right across the street.

5. Colonial Zone

    And last but not least you have to go the Colonial Zone and visit the Chocomuseo which is free to tour. Lots of restaurants, stores, vendors, and live entertainment.



Berline Sitting at the Boathouse at Boca Chica Beach

I found myself missing the Island. I had such a good time and great experience. I could only give you just a glimpse of what I did. I lived there for a month and I wish it was for years. The Island has plenty to do and it’s definitely affordable.

Berline at Boca Chica.

Remember if there is something you want to do. Just do it. The more thinking you do, the more second guessing you do and end up doing nothing. We were not created to waste time. So in the meanwhile travel so you can really find truth. It’s never too late to treat yourself to a vacation. You’ll never regret it, and it’s a great coping skill.


Leave your comments below and tell me the last time you went on vacation and where. I want to know.


P.S. God has the answers. Live because there’s a reason your not dead yet.


Berlines Edition








8 thoughts on “30 days in the Dominican Republic

  1. Congrats Berlin proud of the step you took. IM an advocate for living out your dreams and facing your fears. Me and the family will be visitin DR in September. You looked so happy good for you Berline.

    1. Thank you, Todd! I really appreciate it. How’s your family? Also your mom and grandmother? I am really proud of you. I know you are a wonderful father and husband. You are set a really good example for men in the world. Congrats on your beautiful family. You are living what they call the American Dream.
      I don’t know if I would say I was happy but in moments I forgot about my problems and just lived in the moment. It made it easier because my cousin was dealing with the same issues and I was around my environment. Sometimes you just have to escape. Since, we get thrown all these curve balls sometimes you don’t know how to hit or recuperate. Still learning at my old age lol.

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